The Appendix Foundation for The Bolyai János Secondary Grammar Schoo

The foundation was set up in 2003 in order to support the educational work in The Bolyai János Secondary Grammar School.

Most important of all, its top priority has always been to support the talent programmes carried out in our institution.

A 5-member advisory board manages the work of the foundation, judging the applications and taking care of the financial work facilitating the programmes.

Thanks to the benefactors and the competitions won ever since the first workday of the foundation a number of developmental projects have been carried out in the institution.

Some of these projects are the development of the IT section of the cinema and theatre hall, created with the help of the parent association, called ZUGOLY, worth 1,1 m HUF; the project involving the IT development of the FLT Laboratory worth 3 m HUF; the developmental project providing a high-tech stage equipment worth 3,5 m HUF to be used in the school hall on the occasion of different events; the purchase of a line of safe deposit boxes to offer safe storage place for the students, worth 3,7 m HUF; and last but not least the developmental project involving the physics laboratory worth 5 m HUF, provided by the Knorr-Bremse Ltd..

In the past 15 years 8,7 m HUF has been spent on the development of the classrooms equipping them with IT equipment, furniture, and on the development of the school studio, besides having spent 1 m HUF on the development of the library.

Apart from providing the technical background to the work, it is also a must to contribute to the success of this work by means of offering the possibility of group and individual coaching.

In order to achieve this success annually different study and arts circles are organised, so-called talent points, next to the competitions for primary and secondary school students by the foundation.

Funding quality time activities is another indispensable part of our work.

Altogether 7 m HUF has been given to the student communities to be spent on excursions of classes, the choir, the history teachers and the FLT associations.

The school events are considered to be our top priority events to be facilitated financially, since all the students visiting the cinema or the theatre together, the concerts organised for the students in the main hall, and finally the colourful programmes on the Bolyai-Days are of the utmost importance, if you belong to the Bolyai.

In the past 5 years we have spent 3 m HUF on such programmes.

We can be grateful for this mostly to the benefactors, however, we have won several competitions as well in the past years.

The funds won in the tenders of The Council of the County Town, Kecskemét, were spent on organising competitions, landscape architecture in the yard and cultural events arranged to strengthen the community.

We have started and run a number of talent workshops as part of The Hungarian Talent Programme in the framework of the Public Foundation for Education.

The proof of the success of our work carried out for the sake of the students is that our institution was awarded the certification, Accredited Excellent Talent Point in 2011, and ever since we have worked as such.

We are to thank all the benefactors, and all the citizens who have been willing to help our foundation, and thus our work, by means of offering 1% of their taxes to be paid in their tax returns.